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Vegan in London: Mildreds, Soho

Review of Mildred's Restaurant, Soho, London

I went on a jaunt up town last week with a dear friend prior to my final exam. Since we ended up wandering, hungry in Soho I jumped at the chance to take her to Mildred's restaurant. Over the past year I haven't really got out much. The final year of my degree at Greenwich University has really been busting my balls (so to speak) so, when I do find myself with time to spare in Central London, I like to make it count and eat ALL OF THE VEGAN THINGS! One of my favourite places to do that is Mildred's and I thought I'd dedicate my first post-university blog entry to telling you why with a review....

Mildred's Restaurant - Artichoke Crostini

Mildreds is a little haven for vegans and vegetarians on Lexington Street, in the heart of Soho. I'm told I've been extremely lucky on my visits and that diners have been known to queue for over an hour for a table at peak times due to its popularity. At lunchtimes they also offer an extravagant salad bar to take away, but I've always favoured a slap-up, sit-down veggie feast on my visits. 

Mildred's Restaurant Burger of The Day

Whilst the selection on Mildred's menu is generally classified as vegetarian, there are no shortages of vegan dishes and dishes that can be made vegan with a little tweaking. At the moment I'm craving artichokes like you wouldn't believe and their artichoke crostini was heavenly with the substitution of a vegan basil mayonnaise. Salty and flavourful with a hint of lemon. 

In addition to their regular menu items, there are always daily specials up on the blackboard, including a burger and pasta of the day. I've fallen prey to the burger more than once. It really is something and always a little bit different. Last week's was a combination of butterbeans, peppers and olives and served in a gloriously chewy bun, relish, and chunky sweet potato fries. I had issues fitting it in my mouth but the struggle was well worth it! Other menu items include hearty salads, pastas, burritos and curries, with flavours ranging from eastern-inspired to traditionally British (mushroom and ale pie with mushy peas, anyone?)

Mildred's Restaurant Peanut Butter Brownie

Of course, the vegan options also extend onto the sweet menu as well. I deeply regret the decision to split this peanut butter brownie with my friend. I'd also like to recommend the organic Devon cider I chose to accompany my dinner. It was lovely and dry.

Something I really love about Mildreds is the atmosphere, from both customers and staff (who always have a smile on their face and appear to genuinely enjoy their jobs). Despite being in rather close quarters to other diners, we were relaxed and it was really refreshing to be in the company of so many other people enjoying vegetarian food. My (omnivorous) friend thoroughly enjoyed her meal and plans to return there with clients in the future. I'm sure I'll also be back soon.

I find the food and experience at Mildred's to be extremely good value for money. Two courses plus drinks for the two of us last week came to just over £45 including the service charge. What is also exciting is that Mildred's will be releasing a cookbook next week with recipes from their delightful menu for everyone, not just Londoners, to enjoy. I've pre-ordered my copy on Amazon and it will be out on 7th May

You can follow Mildred's on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Are you a London vegan? Do you love Mildred's? What are your favourite vegan haunts in the capital? 

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