Thursday, 23 July 2015

Best of Pinterest: Avocado Edition

5 of the best vegan avocado recipes on Pinterest

Sorryyyyyyy!!! Been a little MIA from this blog for a few weeks. In truth, now that I'm freelancing and blogging full-time, I'm still trying how to figure out how best to juggle maintaining my professional website, beauty blog and this blog (all while packing up to move back to Derbyshire next month). This blog is my 'fun' blog so it always seems to be the first to suffer when I've got a lot on. However, I'm here now, and I want to pass along a few delicious avocado-based recipes that I've found recently on my Pinterest travels. I find it's really easy to get into an avocado rut and, while I enjoy nothing better than regular old mashed avocado on toast with grilled tomatoes and a dusting of salt and pepper, Pinterest has opened my eyes to how versatile this gloriously green fruit (yes, fruit) really is. Here are 5 avocado recipes that I will definitely be trying out in the very near future, accompanied by much avocado-porn...