Thursday, 23 July 2015

Best of Pinterest: Avocado Edition

5 of the best vegan avocado recipes on Pinterest

Sorryyyyyyy!!! Been a little MIA from this blog for a few weeks. In truth, now that I'm freelancing and blogging full-time, I'm still trying how to figure out how best to juggle maintaining my professional website, beauty blog and this blog (all while packing up to move back to Derbyshire next month). This blog is my 'fun' blog so it always seems to be the first to suffer when I've got a lot on. However, I'm here now, and I want to pass along a few delicious avocado-based recipes that I've found recently on my Pinterest travels. I find it's really easy to get into an avocado rut and, while I enjoy nothing better than regular old mashed avocado on toast with grilled tomatoes and a dusting of salt and pepper, Pinterest has opened my eyes to how versatile this gloriously green fruit (yes, fruit) really is. Here are 5 avocado recipes that I will definitely be trying out in the very near future, accompanied by much avocado-porn...

5-Minute Magic Green Sauce by A Pinch of Yum

This genius sauce takes minutes to whizz up in the food processor and is full of wholesome, delicious ingredients including avocado (obvs), pistachios, garlic, lime and cilantro. I can think of at least half a dozen things I could use this sauce with and it seems like a refrigerator must-have for summer. Big thanks to Lindsay for sharing this one! And bloggers, she also shares some amazing food photography tips on her blog. Well worth checking out. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding by Minimalist Baker

Dana from Minimalist Baker totally rocks my world on Pinterest. In fact, her blog pretty much rocks my world in general, particularly her sweet selections. There are plenty of avocado chocolate pudding recipes floating around on the interweb but she's managed to blow most of them out of the water with this dreamy little concoction. Not only is it pure, rich, chocolatey PB loveliness (I've already made this once, although mine didn't look quite as pretty) but it's also extremely nutrient-dense.

Baked Avocado Fries by Baked In

SOLD! These seem like such a healthy summer option and Julie has kindly included a vegan egg substitution option with her recipe. I'd serve these with all manner of dips. I probably wouldn't be doing much sharing though. I love the fact that these are baked, not fried, as I'm really trying to reduce the amount of oil I use in my cooking. As avocados have so much healthy fat naturally, which is what makes them so silky and luxurious, there really is little need to add more (unless you're feeling really indulgent, then have at it!)

Avocado Lime Cheesecake by The Coveteur

Another sweet selection here because I really can't help myself. This recipe, dreamt up by Hemsley & Hemsley, uses so many gorgeous, wholesome ingredients (just be sure to sub the honey for agave) and looks so fresh and creamy, despite being completely dairy free. Perfect pud for a summer gathering! Avocados seem to be the go-to wholefood ingredient for dishes with creamy textures.

Avocado Frozen Yoghurt by Chocolate Covered Katie

I love frozen yoghurt but I haven't actually indulged in any since I went vegan. This must change! This recipe is really customisable and you can use any kind of yoghurt or milk you prefer (I'd be tempted to use coconut). Thought I'd end this list on a summery vibe because, chances are, it'll be winter again next week.

I've never really known what to do with avocados in the past so I rarely bought them. Now that I'm vegan and learning more about nutrition and the textures of different foods, I hereby vow to use avocados more often. Pinterest is a great place to go to search recipes. There are thousands! If you want to follow me on my quest for Pinterest food bliss, you can follow any of my boards here and let me do all the legwork for you.

What are your favourite avocado recipes? Where do you look for food-spiration?

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