Monday, 8 June 2015

Book Review: The Freemind Experience by Tom Fortes Mayer

Book review of The Freemind Experience

This is a bit of a first for me. I've always had trouble switching off from things. I'm a thinker and a worrier in equal measure. I'm also terminally unlucky, particularly with health and my career goals. As a vegan I think it's very easy to, subconsciously, build up a resentment towards others, and society as a whole, for not acknowledging, and often ignoring, the suffering and pain we inflict upon other species on such a huge scale. For me this sometimes results in a feeling of negativity that is hard to shift and can really impact my mood and ability to look at life through a positive lens. Weirdly, when I spotted the opportunity to review The Freemind Experience*, it suddenly really appealed to me, despite me having never really read anything like it before (I'm a Game of Thrones and Tolkien girl). I was really interested by it. So here's what I thought of it..