Sunday, 25 January 2015

New Year, New TVK!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! Jeez, how late am I to 2015? Honestly, I've been so bogged down with dissertations and essays and presentations (even over the Christmas break) that I've entirely failed as a blogger. For that I apologise both to you, my lovely readers, and to anyone whose product I currently have on my 'to-blog' pile. Thought I'd (finally) kick off my blogging year with my favourites, The Vegan Kind*, and their January box. Needless to say, after a Christmas of eating everything in sight, some healthy, wholesome snacks were just what the doctor ordered this month!

It is known that I love me a hot cereal, especially at this time of year. I had this OTE Superfoods 'Power of Red' oat cereal (RRP £2.29) with hot rice milk and a drizzle of agave straight from the carton and it was delicious. I expected it to be really 'healthy' tasting (which isn't always a good thing), but it was sweet, comforting and definitely warmed me up on a cold morning.
This year I have vowed to pack in the fruit and veggies like never before and cut back on processed or 'pre-made' products. The organic pear puree pouch (try saying that 10 times) by Clearspring (RRP 89p) was perfect for giving me a little sugary fruit hit before my gym session and was surprisingly filling. It would also make a great 'breakfast on the run' when teamed with a cereal bar.

I remember Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps (RRP £1) from a previous TVK box so was thrilled to discover them in a new flavour. Salt and black pepper is a favourite of mine when it comes to crisps. As always, the crisps were wonderfully crunchy and delicious.
Since I've been receiving TVK's boxes I swear I've only had to purchase washing powder ONCE. They always come up trumps with the eco-friendly household items. Washing powder is one of those things that still vexes me as a vegan so it's so helpful to have surprise product discoveries sent to my door. These GreenFrog soapnuts (RRP £3.99) look like they'll last a long time. I've tried soapnut powder tabs before (another TVK find) but never in their natural state, so looking forward to giving these a go!

Okaaaaay, I'll be honest, this Creative Nature Tropical Treat bar (RRP 99p) wasn't my cup of tea at all. I couldn't finish it. HOWEVER, this is the only variety of theirs that I've tried that I haven't liked. I'm not a huge fan of coconut to begin with and the combo of coconut and ginger really didn't work for me in this form but all the coconut-heads out there will probably love it!
I remember the regular Pulsin Raw Choc Brownie (RRP £1.79) from the first ever TVK box I received so I was thrilled to see one in this box. This one had raspberries and goji and was seriously yummy as a study snack with a cup of green tea. Almost completely guilt-free too! Not something I could afford to indulge in often but there are often bulk-buy deals on Amazon for Pulsin products.

As always, TVK have collaborated with a featured vegan charity, and this month 10p from every box went to the fabulous team at Veganuary. This year's Veganuary has been a roaring success with over 10k sign-ups! If you haven't checked out their website yet (I had the honour of contributing as a copywriter this year) then you're seriously missing out. So many amazing vegan tips, guides, recipes, products and inspiring stories. Grab a cuppa and go explore!

As always, for more info and to subscribe for future TVK boxes, visit

(There's still time to sign up for the February box!!!)

You can also connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for vegan news, products and foodporn.

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