Monday, 18 May 2015

The Vegan Kind TVK19 Unboxing

The Vegan Kind TVK19 Review

I've been slacking. It seems like forever since I've posted a The Vegan Kind* box, so today's post is all about the vegan, cruelty-free, eco friendly goodness that is TVK. We're onto box number 19 now and it's glorious (as always). It's their usual combo of sweet and savoury snacks, awesome ingredients and useful toiletry/household items. Enjoy! I know I did...

Right, so.... imagine if Vego and Kinder Bueno got together and made a vegan baby. The result would be the delicious Sarelle chocolate and hazlenut cream wafer I found in this box. I think it might be my new addiction. You need it in your life! The other chocolatey snack featured in this month's box is a mint choc fruit and nut bar by Good Full Stop. Not quite as naughty but still delicious with lovely, wholesome ingredients like cashews and date syrup.

Mixed feelings about the savoury snacks from this box. I'm really looking forward to trying the Chikas chilli plantain crisps. They're so completely different from anything I've snacked on before. Not so enthused with the Taking the Pea Chilli Salsa snacks though, if I'm honest. That's only a personal preference though. I'm just not sold on the texture of dried peas/chickpeas but they certainly won't be wasted. 

Did you know that a regular plastic toothbrush takes over 100 YEARS to biodegrade? I certainly didn't! This Ecobamboo toothbrush is made from 100% biodegradable materials (don't worry though, the pandas don't munch on this type of bamboo). Such a fab idea and definitely means less guilt when it comes to throwing it away.
I'm such a fan of sundried tomato paste. I stockpile it! It's a great addition to spag bol, pizza sauces and spread generously on crusty bread. It'll be my first time trying this Olive Branch version but I can guarantee I'll love it. The recipe card for TVK19 features this slathered on loaded potato skins, which I will certainly be trying in the very near future.

The TVK featured charity for this month is Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary, who will receive 10p from every box sold. Each month TVK Facebook followers are given the chance to nominate and vote for the next featured charity so, if you think you know a worthy cause, get in there and speak up!

All in all, this box was another winner for me. TVK are extremely consistent with the quality and selection in their boxes. I've had very few disappointments. TVK subscription costs £10 per month (+P&P). As always, you can find out more about TVK and subscribe at

You can also connect with TVK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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