Thursday, 7 May 2015

Best of Pinterest: TOFU!

As part of my 'Best of Pinterest' series I thought I'd bring you today my Top 5 tofu recipe pins. I'm an absolute tofu nut-job. I seriously can't live without it. Even before I was vegan I had some weird obsession with it. I love it fried, scrambled, baked and marinated. I love it in curries, quiches, stir-fries and salads (as I said - obsessed). Not quite sure what it is about it that I adore so much but that's not important. What is important is that Pinterest is brimming with new and delicious ways of enjoying tofu. Here are the pins that are currently making my mouth water the most...

Image Credit - The Vedge

Tofu Popcorn Chick'n by The Vedge

One of my favourite ways to cook tofu is crispy and pan-fried (can't be healthy all of the time, that's just no fun). I love this recipe because it's ridiculously simple and you can add any seasoning you like. Traditionally, I've always made mine with chickpea flour and good old salt'n'pepper, but now I'm thinking herbs, cajun seasoning or garlic salt. Did I mention that these little nuggets of awesome are also gluten-free?

Image Credit - Veggieful

Tandoori Tofu Pizza by Veggieful

The concept of tofu on a pizza blew my mind at first. It just never occurred to me that tofu had pizza potential but.... LOOK! Isn't it glorious! This fab recipe from Madison at Veggieful has opened my eyes. I hereby do solemnly vow that I will put tofu on every pizza I ever make again.... ever. This particular recipe has an Indian Tandoori vibe to it, which makes it a double-win in my eyes.

Image Credit - The Blonde Chef

Spicy Tofu Rice Bowl by The Blonde Chef

I LOVE eating tofu this way; marinated, with a mountain of rice and a ton of toppings, all thrown into one huge, glorious bowl. This particular recipe requires a couple of very minor substitutions to make it vegan but I thought it was well worth a repin due to the additions of tahini and harissa. I can't wait to give it a try (and stuff it in my face). 

Image Credit - Simply Vegan

Tofu Feta Cheese by Simply Vegan

I'm dying to try this clever little recipe. I'm really not overly-fond of many processed vegan cheese substitutes and feta was always a favourite during my vegetarian days. I'll admit that the prospect of making some of the homemade vegan cheeses I come across online breaks me out in hives but this seems totally do-able! It'll be perfect for chucking all over summer salads!

Image Credit - One Green Planet

General Tso's Tofu by One Green Planet

Had to finish it up with something SPICY, didn't I? General Tso's is an Asian favourite of mine (Asian cuisine may even be my favourite of all time), yet I've still to attempt it myself so I had to repin this recipe. Look at it, all sticky and spicy and caramelised.... you need it!!

You can check out all my tofu-related Pinterest activity on my Tofu Addiction board. If you have a tofu recipe you think is well worth a pin, do let me know in the comments. I can't get enough! 

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