Friday, 15 May 2015

Harper's Soya Wax Candles

Harper's Candles - Vegan Soya Wax

Good evening my lovelies! Something that has been well established on my beauty blog for a long time is my obsessive scented candle hoarding and I thought it was high time I shared that obsession here as well. I came across Harper's 'Proper-Smelling' Candles shortly before Christmas when one turned up in my festive The Vegan Kind box. It was love at first sniff! Since then my collection has started to expand and I couldn't resist sharing them with you all....

Vegan Soya Wax Candles by Harper's

Harper's Vegan Soya Wax Candles

Harper's Candles are a small UK business run by a lovely lady called Victoria, who started making candles as a hobby but soon found them to be very much in-demand. Since she started making her candles full-time in 2012 they very quickly turned into her main business venture. I really love how her quirky personality and her precious Jack Russell pup, Flora are reflected in each of her products.

The candles are gorgeously packaged and designed and made using sustainably sourced materials. Harper's Candles also come fully accredited by The Vegan Society. Soya wax maintains a lovely, clean burn with minimal soot and maximum fragrance. The fragrances really are lovely too. Victoria has developed a collection featuring everything from fresh and floral to patisserie and aromatics as well as seasonal specials such as Jingle Bells. My current favourite (in case you couldn't tell from the photos) is Raspberry and Rose from the Harper's Kitchen collection. The fragrances carry very well and have no trouble filling a room. There's nothing worse than when you buy a smelly candle and can only smell it if you put your nose right up to it. Not an issue here at all though.

Harper's Vegan Soya Wax Candles

As well as her popular core collections, Victoria also adds in various special edition candles dedicated to featured charities, such as Jerry Green Dog Rescue. She is also working on personalised wedding candles to launch in the very near future.

You will also find these wonderful products later this month at the upcoming Bristol VegFest (hopefully this means they will also pop up at London VegFest when the time comes, fingers crossed). However, if you won't have the pleasure of sniffing them at any of these events, you can purchase Victoria's products through her website;

Candles are £8 each for 210g or 3 for £20

You can also keep up with Harper's Candles on Facebook and Twitter 

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