Friday, 10 October 2014

The Vegan Kind DOUBLE: TVK11 & TVK12

Since I failed so miserably at blogging throughout September (it was a busy month for me, even without all the technical difficulties I was having with Wordpress) I have double the TVK snack-porn to share with you for October! I've had a total of 7 boxes from TVK to date and there have been very few disappointments. Both their service and their product have been consistently outstanding and delicious. I'd also like to add that I finally got to meet the lovely Karris and hubby at VegFest London recently, and they're every bit as lovely in the flesh as they are via social media. I hope they will make the trip to London more often!

The main event of this blog post will be the brand, spanking new TVK12 October box, but I wanted to just give you a quick peep at September's box as there were a couple of real gems in there! The highlights of TVK11 for me were definitely the Hoots pickled onion baked snacks (seriously, one bag wasn't enough) and the Gourmet Spice Company Magic BBQ Dust. I can't wait to sprinkle that stuff on EVERYTHING! A slight disappointment for me was the Skin Likes deodorant. I had high hopes for it but it just didn't go the distance for me. Ombar Coco Mylk chocolate is always welcome in my belly though. I was already a fan so the bar in this box didn't last long.

TVK12 arrived at my door early this week. To be honest, I haven't been able to enjoy it fully yet as I've been struck down with a bizarre stomach bug for the last couple of days and haven't had much of an appetite but I've had a little nibble on the Howdah Onion Bhaji snacks and I couldn't resist sneaking one of the Angelic Double Chocolate cookies (chocolate is always the best medicine, in my opinion) which are also gluten free. So, here's the rundown in pictures of what was in the box...

The products that I've already dipped into were both lovely. I was impressed that the cookies were only 70cals each! You wouldn't be able to tell from the taste. I like that they're not too sweet and the texture was very pleasant. The onion bhajis were just the right amount of spicy for me. Kind of like the classic onion ring snacks but with extra crunch and a spicy zing.

I haven't tried the chocolate covered raspberries by Landgarten yet. I'm saving those for my next marathon dissertation study session (trust me, they will be much more appreciated that way). I do love Landgarten's other products. One company that is new to me is NOM (Naturally Organic Matters) Foods. I really like these kind of snack bars before or after the gym for a hit of energy. Due to being poorly sick, I haven't had chance to workout this week as yet but I'll be packing this in my gym bag on my next visit.

The product that really had me intrigued out of this bunch was the Triumph Moisturising Creme Balm by Premae Skincare with frankincense oil. This is probably the most expensive item I've ever had in any subscription box, and it's a really great size sample (this 10ml is worth £33). Triumph products have won awards and are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. I tried it for the first time under my makeup this morning and I'm seriously impressed by how smooth my skin looks and feels. Sadly, I won't be able to purchase a full size of this due to my student poverty but I think it's wonderful that I get to sample products like this in a box that only costs £10. That's amazing value! I do, however, consider it an act of cruelty for TVK to give me this fantastic product that I will NEVER be able to buy again.

This month's TVK featured charity is Manchester and Cheshire Dogs' Home in the wake of their recent tragedy. 10p from each TVK12 box sold will go towards caring for the remaining dogs and helping the organisation get back on their feet.

For more info and to subscribe to The Vegan Kind visit

Did you know that they're now offering international shipping on their boxes? Vegan treats for EVERYONE! Also be sure to hit them up on Facebook and Twitter with any questions. They're a really chatty bunch!

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